Workers' Compensation

You Have More Control Over Your Workers' Compensation Costs Than You Think. Let Us Show You How.

Worker's Compensation

All Green Insurance understands the value of good employees. We know that your day-to-day operations depend on their hard work, expertise, and dedication. By supplying them with quality benefits and plans, they can work with the peace of mind assurance that they're properly protected. Should an accident happen, having the right Workers' Compensation plan from All Green Insurance can allow your business to ensure payments and cover expenses if an employee is injured from a work-related accident. Every state has a Workers' Compensation Law and each state is different. Having the right coverages and limits are critical and can seriously impact the bottom line profit of your company.

Worker's Compensation

Workers' Compensation can cover financial obligations such as:

  • An injured employee's medical expenses/treatment
  • The replacement of lost wages from injury time off

In most States workers' compensation is compulsory, so failing to have proper insurance in place can result in serious fines by the State and possible litigation on the part of the employee or family members seeking damages. That's why it's important to discuss your opinions with a specialist at All Green Insurance who can help you find the right coverage options for all your business needs.

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